Advanced Crematory Equipment

The Future Of Cremation Is Here!

Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Inc. was founded in early 1995 with the intent of designing and manufacturing cremation equipment for the 21st century; a unit that would be cleaner, faster, quieter, and more fuel efficient than any other on the market. By applying the latest industrial technology to the crematorium equipment industry and enhancing crematory manufacturing methods, we have achieved that goal. CMS cremators are the most technologically advanced and most economical units in their class.


Our Commitment To You

CMS is continually working towards excellence in crematory equipment. Through constant review and updates we are exploring new design concepts and innovative crematory manufacturing techniques. It is this forward thinking and dedication to providing our customers the absolute latest technology and optimum efficiency that has made us a leader in the cremation equipment industry. The future of cremation exists today in the quality products and services provided by Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Inc.



"I own and operate cremators manufactured by every major manufacturer, and I prefer the CMS Millennium II by far. It outperforms them all. "

–Ray Francisco, Funeral Directors Cremation Service Tulsa, OK