This page serves as a compendium of information about the CMS brand the company that manufacturers it, and our people. If you can't find what you are looking for, please get in touch here.

Our Mission

Through constant on-site research and development, we strive to advance the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of our products and services while always maintaining a balance of technology and utility. By accepting nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction and upholding absolute ethical standards, we seek to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships based on trust, dedication and loyalty. Through outreach and transparency, we work to educate our industry peers, our customers and the public about cremation, its history, cultural significance, environmental impact and best practices. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to positively impact and support the deathcare profession through committed service partnerships, balanced engineering and universal education. 

About Our Logos & History


Seals, monograms and emblems have long been associated with communicating a mark of approval, quality and ownership. The CMS logo is a monogram seal and pays homage to this rich tradition. CMS's equipment, service and educational materials bearing this seal carry this special mark of excellence and quality.

The CMS logo is a visual representation of company—and family—history. Larry Sr. always brought a unique artistry to metalwork…whether he was making a simple ironwork balcony or engineering large pieces of machinery. The Stuart family has a rich tradition rooted firmly in fire and metal.
In 2009, Larry Stuart Sr. passed the torch to his son, Larry Stuart, Jr., who remains President to this day. If you look at the center of the logo, you'll see a stylized torch. Customer education and training have always been a core CMS value as well as exceptional customer service. Any time a staff member spends educating or training a client is time well spent. It is important to have this core value represented in the heart of our logo.

The letters that make up the CMS logo are welded together in a way that acknowledges the passing of a company to the next generation, the continuation of a family and a company that continues to build upon a strong foundation. The entire logo is enclosed in a simple outer 'wreath' which, together with the stylized torch, acknowledges ancient Greek symbolism. The wreath and torch together have been used for thousands of years as an emblematic representation of life and death, peace and victory.

In 2017 after reflecting on recent changes in his life, Larry Stuart, Jr.  announce that he has chosen to travel a new path in serving the cremation profession. His passion and love for this business has allowed him to be an advocate and voice for those just entering as well as those already participating in cremation. To further his efforts in this area he has chosen to refocus his attention to cremation training, business development, equipment sales, marketing and education resulting in the launch of his new business Cremation Strategies & Consulting. It will be a training and consultancy company providing leadership, planning, organization, training, education, process improvement and strategic planning for the cremation industry. Please feel free to visit his website at and follow him and his adventures on social media (@crematestrategy). 

bryant-crematory-logo-4-F (3).jpg

 CMS clients can chose to work with CMS's long time refractory supplier for their crematory maintenance, repair, and spare part needs. The Bryant family of businesses has been in the refractory material sales and installation business for over 50 years. They are well established and respected in the industrial furnace industry and known for providing their clients with superior knowledge, quality, and customer service. The division of their business that will conduct the service and repair business is Bryant Crematory Services- A Division of Bryant C71 Systems.

Clients who choose to work with Bryant Crematory Services will notice excellent communication and a high level of refractory expertise such as engineering, inspection, testing and failure analysis capabilities. Clients will hear many old voices on the phone and see some of the same faces. They will also be happy to know that that the CMS Brand will live on in the Millennium, Qortex & Equinox series of cremation equipment and will continue to be offered by Cremation Strategies & Consulting and manufactured by the Bryant family of companies.

CMS is a brand with history and tradition and Bryant Crematory Service is a company working to uphold its core values of committed service partnerships and balanced engineering, and family roots. The logos are a visual representation of these things.