About the Program

We created a scholarship program, called Commit, to help give professionals and students the tools they need to change the dialog surrounding cremation. The Commit program is one way we are working to change the way people think about cremation. 

We will be awarding up to $10,000 in total funds this year. Awards will be used towards the registration fee of any approved cremation-related continuing education seminar, symposium, convention or training program. Scholarship funds cannot for use toward college tuition. The Commit Scholarship was developed specifically for funding additional progressive training opportunities to help develop modern cremationists. Our scholarship recipients will change the way people think about cremation through their continued education. Apply anytime. 


We've been waiting for you. We are happy that you are applying for an opportunity to receive the Commit Scholarship. You've just made an important step in continuing your education. Which application best describes you? 

Professional Application

If you are a licensed funeral professional or currently work full time in a funeral establishment, use this application to apply to the Commit Program. 

Student Application

This Commit application is for you if you are enrolled in a mortuary science program to obtain licensure. 

Previous Commit Winners


Jason Engler

Meet Jason. Jason is a licensed Funeral Director, cremation specialist, consultant and historian, and an Insight Institute Certified Celebrant.



Kelli Klein

Meet Kelli. Kelli is a senior at the University of Central Oklahoma, recently changed majors to enter the funeral service program, and is a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer Apprentice in the State of Oklahoma.


Val Mayer

Meet Val. Val’s married and has three children, is a Funeral Director in Hilton Head, and strives to educate families about cremation.