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The Millennium Series cremators are the work-horse of the CMS fleet. They embody the spirit of Balanced Engineering having everything you need and nothing you don’t. With fully-automatic analog controls, the Millennium can safely perform up to five cremations per 8-hour day while using less fuel than any other cremator in its class.

Some Bells No Whistles

We challenge the reasoning of outdated hot-hearth designs to create a more efficient, more reliable cremator. The Millennium's primary and secondary chambers are in-line, not stacked. This increases the lifespan of the chamber floor, because the refractory surfaces are heated on one side, not two. Our design also allows for easy access of the secondary chamber for maintenance and repairs without the need to remove and replace the floor of the primary chamber. This saves significant cost over the life of the machine. In addition, a 100% sealed and sloped floor creates full control of fluids with combustion maximized and chances of leakage eliminated. 

For added convenience, the cremated remains removal compartment is located in the front of the unit where cremated remains can easily be removed through the large, front access doors. Once swept clean, simply lift out the tray and load into the Processor to complete the cremation. 

The Millennium is designed to cremate in two hours or less and cool down in just 30 minutes using less fuel and emitting cleaner air into the atmosphere. It is the most efficient, easily-maintained and economical cremator in its class that is guaranteed to meet or exceed every environmental emission requirement for crematories everywhere. 

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