It thinks.

The Qortex represents the next generation of CMS cremators with a body and brain designed to lead your business into the future.

It Thinks

The secret behind the Qortex is its advanced control system. Traditional cremators monitor the temperature in their chambers and control the burners to regulate it. The Qortex does that and so much more. The Qortex brain monitors the actual rate of combustion, not just the current temperature. If a chamber is getting too hot too quickly, it will make adjustments to slow things down, and the brain in the Qortex knows to do more than just turn the burners ON or OFF. Depending on the systems current demands, the burners in the Qortex can be adjusted from low to high and anywhere in between. 

The Qortex isn’t only better at analyzing the chambers’ present state. It is smarter from the very start. Rather than just reacting to the current conditions, the Qortex can actually anticipate what will be necessary based 

on each individual case. You tell the Qortex what goes in, and it automatically sets the appropriate initial settings! So, no matter the size or composition of the case, the Qortex will run the appropriate program to maximize the efficiency and reliability of the process. 

All of this intelligence comes with the same features that make the Millennium so great: in-line design, 100% sealed and sloped floor to prevent leakage and control fluids, large front access doors, and a cremated remains removal compartment located conveniently at the front of the unit. 

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